How Local Reviews Makes It Easy

 Local Reviews guides your customers to leave a testimonial about your company or service

Send an Email to Text Request

After a service or sale you can email or SMS text message your customer a request for a review via the Local Reviews system.

Customer Testimonial

When your customer receives the email or SMS Text message, they have a choice of how to rate your business out of 5 stars.

Happy Clients

If your customer clicks on 4 or 5 stars they are asked where they would like to leave their review by click on the icon of review sites that are related to your business such as Google, Facebook etc

Unhappy Customers

Un happy clients are the ones you need to hear from! If the client selects a 1, 2  or 3 star LocalReviews system will:

  1. Ask them how about their experience and how it could have been improved.
  2. Thank the customer for leaving their honest feedback.
  3. Immediately send an email to the company owner or manager so it can be dealt with immediately. Most unhappy clients just want to be heard.

"Business Reviews are so much easier to ask for by sending my clients to my website page"

– A Breyer

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