Tips For More Google and Facebook Business Reviews

The importance of Reviews for Businesses

If you have ever searched for any products or services online, you have come across a typical online review. You might have seen an aggregated star rating of a product you intended to purchase or a poorly-spelled review about the user’s harrowing experience with the company. Even though customer reviews will vary in thoroughness and comprehensibility, they tend to have a strong impact on the behavior of the consumers, and hence, the performance of your company.



It is evident that online customer reviews can be critical, but how significant are they to publicizing campaigns? Can customer review improve or reduce a sale? Can the type of testimonials you get have a significant impact on your brand’s bottom line?

Purchasing Decision

Many online clients have opted to rely on and trust online reviews when they are buying their goods. A recent survey indicated that 88% of clients have confidence in online-reviews just like personal referrals. That is surprising since the people who post these testimonials are total strangers.  The same findings showed that only 12% of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products. This means that avoiding to give user reviews or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity is similar to alienating 88% of your audience, depriving them the details they need to assist them to make their purchasing decision.

On-site Ranking Advantages

Allowing client reports on your website will bring a positive impact on your brand’s organic search rankings in search engines. For starters, every new review posted about an item or service on your website will increase the amount of unique content your site offers on that product. This means that your clients will know that you have a recommendable authority, more relevance and you will also have a higher chance of getting the pages ranked.

Off-site ranking benefits

Having a high number of positive reviews on external sites will have a greater impact on your ranking than the reviews on your own website. This is for the reason that Google’s local search algorithm integrates data from various third-party directories and review website. These website will review your entire brand instead of specific products, and this is what brings the huge impact. Instead of a cumulative review influencing the decision of the buyer concerning a certain product, your brand’s aggregate review will influence whether or not a buyer considers pursuing your company in general.

Having many positive reviews on these sites will help you rank high in Google’s local 3-pack, which is valued regardless of whether your run a local or international business.

Higher conversion

Having both negative and positive reviews for a product implies that you will have a good conversion rate. That is for the reason that the existence of negative reviews can also have a positive impact on the conversion rate. A combination of negative and positive reviews indicates that you don’t have anything to hide and helps in making the negative reviews appear real. Imagine coming across a product or a company with numerous 5-star reviews and not even a single negative review. Having many honest reviews will help you sell more products but make sure that the bad reviews don’t overpower the good ones.

How Negative Reviews Affect Your Business

Many businesses risk losing almost 20% of clients who would have purchased from them when there is a bad testimonial on the internet. However, this is based on one negative report and in case there are over three bad reviews, the probability of losing clients shoots to over 55%.

Bad reports can take down a thriving business and subject to destruction. Just  one enraged client will leave a bad negative comment, and this will awaken other clients to add their reviews. For this reason, it is essential to treat all your clients well. Make sure you consider this as you provide customer service. Making sure all your clients are happy with your services or goods is essential as this will help you improve your online reputation. Make sure all your clients are happy and satisfied.

This is how to do it:

Improve customer service

Clients want a simple, fast and pleasant transaction. When you make your clients feel that they are treated as individuals and not a source of income, they will surely leave your store happy and satisfied. To achieve this, make sure all the questions are answered promptly. Ensure that the goods or service they get are in excellent condition and are of superior quality. While this entails taking extra steps, the effort and struggles will be worth since the client will leave a positive report and this will bring more customers.

Whenever you have a problem with your client, make sure you correct it ASAP. This will include giving a refund, exchange or a free product or services. This may make you lose cash, but your business will experience a blow when the client leaves a negative report that will chase away potential clients.

When you get a bad one, try to solve the problem by posting a response and reaching out to the disgruntled client. Make sure you accept the review and agree to rectify the issue any way possible such as by allowing them to return and refund, or giving a free product or service. Other clients will notice how attentive you are to the complaints posted by the reviewer and this will stop them from thinking that your business is not genuine.

Encouraging positive reviews

Probably, you have gone to a restaurant or shop where they persuade you to leave a review online. They do this because they understand the importance of those reviews. You can try and incorporate that strategy in your business. Enticing your clients to post  online reviews will help you generate more leads. Even though you are not permitted to lure them with discounts and other incentives, it is the best way to get many results. Implement it and you might realize it is what you required to make your business successful.

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